Cover Photo: This illustration shows illustration of four different cockroach species on a textured background. The insects are outlined in oranges and yellows with a black imprint.
My Own Personal Contagion

My German cockroach infestation, almost too good a pandemic allegory, forced me to confront the question of how much I could bear from New York City.

Oct 26, 2020
Cover Photo: illustration of a person with a ponytail + their dog riding in a small blue Honda Fit along historic Route 66, with song lyrics set above and below the frame
Get Your Kicks on Route 66: A Comic

I’ll drive with that tender balance of guilt and curiosity and a lifetime of learning and unlearning, still looking for an America that was there, is there, and will be there.

Oct 23, 2020
Cover Photo: A photograph of a massive statue of the Buddha in Bodh Gaya, India
Bodh Gaya Sells “Enlightenment” to Tourists—It Sold Me a Philly Cheesesteak

My heart is set on the Philly cheesesteak—the only one, I’m certain, to be found in India.

Oct 22, 2020
Cover Photo: Illustration by Sirin Thada for Catapult
Shivering in the Summertime
some days my own womb shivers at the thought of / my black ass children being thrown / against any wall
Oct 19, 2020
Cover Photo: An illustration by Sirin Thada of men, each a bright color, in different forms of movement, overlapping and reaching out toward each other.
the faggotry
the ones you call those frickin’ Ayrabs, the ones / who hold hands with / kiss cheeks with those they call / habibi & isn’t every habibi is a mis/-translation of? habibi
Oct 14, 2020
Cover Photo: A bowler hat and a pair of tortoise-shell glasses floating against a clear and perfect sky; behind the glasses are a pair of eyes and eyes only, crying tears into the ether
Love Me A Man Who Cries
I claw / against the syrup to love other men / for whom, bless them, a bird is just / a bird.
Oct 05, 2020
Cover Photo: A photo of a doll's head—which bears resemblance to Donald Trump—seemingly abandoned on the pavement, surrounded by leaves and dirt and sticks.
How Mental Illness Became a Scapegoat for Trump’s White Supremacy
When you attribute someone’s evil actions to their mental health status rather than their actual root cause—like white supremacy—then that evil is no longer presented as a choice.
Oct 21, 2020
Cover Photo: Photograph by Eugenia Maximova/Unsplash
How Years of Running Beauty Focus Groups Nearly Destroyed Me
I am the only one in the room who is neither asked nor allowed to answer: “How does that make you feel?”
Oct 20, 2020
Cover Photo: photograph of a scuba-diver ascending in a blue-lit column between two massive black shapes that might be underwater rocks
The Year of Breath
I try to feel my lungs expanding and contracting, just to make sure they still are. There is something soothing, like the indigo of a fading day, in that reminder.
Oct 15, 2020
Cover Photo: A photo of a stately, empty, plantation house and its grounds, covered in the shadowy wisp of a green skull.
We Are the Flare
The house erupted faster than it should, but that’s the trouble with dancing on somebody else’s hurt.
Oct 16, 2020
Cover Photo: Welcoming blue water, with a shadowy, inky figure rising from the bottom left, and a circle of liquid gold at its center.
A Seller of Luxury Hair Products in a Texas Shopping Mall Recounts the Wealth of Natural Springs in His Home Country
My mother’s favorite spring has water that reflects her beauty more honestly than a front-facing camera.
Oct 09, 2020
Cover Photo: a pair of hands holding another pair of hands; the gender of the subjects is indeterminable
Some Girls
Some women attract deadbeats; others, their fathers. Isn’t it possible, then, for some women to attract gay guys?
Oct 02, 2020